Editors’ note: An edited version of the following letter appears in the Sept. 13, 2017 edition of the Ackley World Journal print edition. The letter was edited for space and references this full version which follows:

Recently there was a search warrant executed in my town. Being an active member of my community, I followed the events with interest, anticipating that the outcome would be of benefit to my neighbors and fellow citizens. What I discovered left me with mixed feelings of pride, accomplishment, hope, dismay, and eventually disappointment. Pride in the persons serving our city and county; a sense of accomplishment when the warrant produced evidence of the suspected criminal activity; hope that the effort and the charges would help make a better community; dismay when I learned the people charged were released by the court within hours of being incarcerated on felony level criminal charges; and disappointment in the way these cases are repeatedly handled in our local judicial system and its negative effect on the quality of life in our society.

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