Morgan Bakker

Morgan Bakker was held scoreless in AGWSR’s 42-26 home win over South Hardin Friday night. She helped the Cougars win the rebounding battle as well to help them lift their season mark to 5-1 heading into the break.

Through just six games this season, Alyssa Hames is averaging over 20 points per game – top in the NICL-West. She combined with Grace Finger for all but five points in AGWSR’s 42-26 win over a visiting South Hardin on Friday night.

“We got her (Hames) moved inside a little bit more than we normally do, let her be able to use her natural abilities in there. Sometimes, it’s just some things that she does on her own the kind of player that she is. She reads and just kind of makes things happen. It’s easy and it makes me as a coach look good. And it’s all her. She just continues to be the catalyst to this team and makes this team operate,” Cougar head coach Laurie Gann said. “When she’s not… luckily, we haven’t had that yet with her not playing well or being sick or injured, obviously it’s going to be key keeping her healthy because the team kind of rallies around her and she’s the leader and she should be. This is her fourth year on varsity, she came off the bench that state year her freshman year. She’s done a lot for us and she understands the game well.”

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