Details for Liquid Fertilizer Mix Room Operator

Liquid Fertilizer Mix Room Operator

Day to Day:
 Keep location manager informed of property and/or
personnel issues that may arise
 Be a team player
Willing to work the required hours during season
(ie. Early AM, longer nights, weekend, holiday
possibility with alternative day off )
Good communication skills
Basic computer knowledge
Meet license requirements
Handlers license
Applicators license
Keep up on any training (Dicamba, applicator, etc.)
as needed or scheduled
Retail mix system:
Learn the ins and outs of running the retail mix system.
This includes but not limited to: system updates,
communicating issues with program IT, navigate break
downs/delays, lining up truckers, figuring out load line
up with salesman/applicator, reading field maps and
giving directions.
Knowledge of outside load system, maintenance,
rinsing schedule
Good communication with staff related to getting
product out, working around shortages, machine
breakdowns, and basic day to day plan especially in
Winterizing system
Coordinating chemical needs, delivery schedule, for
bulk product as well as package with location manager
and warehouse person.
Maintaining meters, valves, and plumbing as needed or
scheduled along with winterizing
Helping with maintaining trucks in/out of season along
with winterizing
Helping with maintaining machines in/out of season
along with winterizing
Trouble shooting with truckers and applicators during
season as problems occur (example: trailer pumps)
Spill procedures

To apply, call:



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