Coffee Attic

Kat and Pat Bissell own The Coffee Attic and Book Cellar. As such, their business has been impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Still, they reached out to help a local food pantry during Friday's Scoop The Loop.

As some 300 cars cruised by the Coffee Attic and Book Cellar Friday night, Pat and Kat Bissell had a front row seat. The business owners handed out an estimated 223 vanilla frozen cremes and frozen hot chocolates to whomever wanted one.

As the call went out earlier in the week for drivers to “scoop the loop,” the Bissells looked for a way to participate. Not only participate, but make a difference at the end of a long week amid the continuing novel coronavirus pandemic and the associated closures.

The cruise - thought up by Roxanne Lindquist, Elyse Schon and Jody and Brandon Thies - was a way to get out of whatever stage of isolation people found themselves in. Lindquist said she was surprised by how big the cruise was, proving how much people needed to get out of their house and have a little human interaction - even from a distance.

“I think people love nostalgia, but I also think it was a way for people to show a togetherness of community,” Lindquist said. “We all are in this crazy thing together.”

That same sense of togetherness is what prompted the Bissells to serve the drivers and riders. While it was a way to keep the Coffee Attic name alive during the pandemic shut down, the night was about much more than that.

“Kat wanted to do something special for the community, and they were doing the scoop the loop thing so we thought we might as well give drinks,” Pat said. “Then we thought if we’re giving stuff away, maybe people would want to donate to the food pantry. Because who knows what the future might bring.”

At the end of the cruise, the Bissells had collected $785.71 in freewill donations. The money goes to The Ruth Project Food Pantry.

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