As you grow up sometimes what you think is “normal” is not necessarily so upon reflection. Last year around Christmas time I began to reflect on my family gatherings and traditions and then something hit me. That feeling of what seemed like a “normal” tradition took on a tone of trepidation. I began asking myself in amusement. Did I just make that up? Nope, as strange as it may seem that happened!

I remember visiting my Grandma Ferguson around the holidays for Easter and Christmas. For what reasons are still being debated to this day, she would put fruit in pantyhose or stockings and at times give them out as a part of Easter baskets and Christmas gifts. Yes, I remember getting oranges and apples not in a basket but in pantyhose or stockings. Since my Grandma Ferguson died in 2013, I couldn’t ask her as to why she did this. So, I turned to my next best source Bill Ferguson aka my Dad. When I confronted him with my memory of pantyhose and stockings filled with fruit. He at first thought I was making it up. However, he did remember Grandma having on occasion some pantyhose with fruit in them lying around the kitchen when he was growing up. I also turned to my sister Sara who is a little over two years younger than me. She too remembers Grandma’s odd fruit pairings. Again, with no recollection as to why our Grandmother did this. Taking this a step further my Dad asked his brother Johnnie if he remembers this tradition. According to my Dad my Uncle Johnnie remembers their Grandma Forkum, my Grandma Ferguson’s mom, doing it possibly to air out the fruit.

Now after baring my thoughts. I’m asking you the reader if you know of the reason why someone would put fruit into pantyhose? You might help me sleep a little bit better tonight.

Do you have an odd family tradition? Let me know by emailing me at and I might share it on KIFG.

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