Iowa Falls Curbside Leaf Pickup

Iowa Falls city employees will begin this fall’s curbside leaf pickups on Monday, Oct. 5. Leaves will be picked up at the curb. Residents are asked to rake the leaves into a pile or windrow them behind the curb line. Do not rake leaves into the street or gutter. Please avoid poles, tree bases and mailboxes. The leaf vacuum hose used by the city can only get so close to trees and other obstructions. Leaves should be separated from other debris. Only leaves will be collected.

Leaves should be ready for pickup by 7 a.m. on the first day of the week that your zone is scheduled. If leaves are not picked up on the exact day due to weather conditions or volume delays, they will be picked up at a later time. If residents wish, they can take leaves to the compost site at the city maintenance shop at 215 S. River St. The schedule is as follows:

- Monday: Zone 2 (south part of town, south of Washington Avenue and out along Oak Street)

- Tuesday: Zone 1 (west part of town, north of Washington Avenue, west of the Iowa River)

- Wednesday: Zone 5 (east part of town, north of the Iowa River and east of Oak Street)

- Thursday: Zone 3 (central part of town, north of Washington Avenue, west of Oak Street, east of River Street)

- Friday: Zone 4 (north part of town, west of River Street, north of the Iowa River)

City officials warn that any pile containing non-leaf debris (garden clippings, grass, branches or other foreign objects) will not be picked up. If leaves are raked onto the street or gutters, rains can wash them into the storm sewer, causing flooding. Additionally, parked vehicles should be moved out of the way so the leave vacuum can reach the piles of leaves.

Questions about curbside leaf pickup should be directed to City Hall at 641-648-2527.

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