Grand JiVanté

Grand JiVanté Care Center in Ackley

A Grand JiVanté nursing home resident has tested positive for COVID-19. Korey DeBerg, the long term care facility's CEO, notified the Ackley World Journal of the positive test and announced it on the Grand JiVanté Facebook page Monday evening.

DeBerg said that with increase in COVID-19 numbers in Hardin County, the facility has been conducting surveillance testing of residents and staff twice weekly. Additionally, anyone with symptoms is tested immediately. In the case of the recent positive, that person was exhibiting symptoms. 

As a result of the positive test, DeBerg and his leadership team chose to pause visits to the facility for 14 days.

The individual has been confined to their room and is under constant watch by nursing staff.

“By confining the individual to their own room and pausing visitation throughout the nursing facility, it allows the rest of our residents to continue to dine together and take part in the activities we offer,” DeBerg said.

He could not comment on the severity of the resident's symptoms, only asking that the community continue to keep the patient in their prayers by asking for good outcomes, strength and recovery.

“As an organization, we are keeping a positive outlook. We’ve been through this before and we know what needs to be done. My staff is prepared, they’re doing everything they can to protect the health and safety of the residents,” DeBerg said.

Ninety-five percent of the residents at the facility have received a COVID-19 vaccine. DeBerg said staff vaccination is slightly less.

He added that community members who see his staff outside of the facility give them support – a kind word, a thank you, a smile. “They’re doing everything they can to keep their family of residents safe and protected,” he said.

Residents in Grand JiVanté's assisted living facility can still have visitors, though DeBerg is encouraging those visits to be sparse for the safety of everyone on campus. 

Beans on Butler will remain open at this time.

The facility detected its first positive COVID-19 case in October last year, in an employee. That started a 40-day battle against the virus, which eventually infected 35 residents, one of whom died.

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