Dave Jones and Denny Barrick

David Jones, owner of Jones Appliance, handed out gift cards to Hardin County Tire owner Denny Barrick for his employees on Tuesday.

Thanks to David Jones and Jones Appliance, 100 employees at various Iowa Falls businesses will get an at least a partially free treat from an Iowa Falls restaurant.

Jones, owner of Jones Appliance, visited multiple businesses Tuesday to hand out $1,000 worth of gift cards to five family-owned local restaurants. He handed out 100 envelopes in all, each containing two $5 gift cards. The cards were good for redemption at Las Flores, The Princess, Dairy Queen, The Coffee Attic or Pizza Ranch.

“We’re just really trying to support the restaurants that are open," Jones said. These are the five family-owned restaurants in town that are open.”

Steve Howard, president of Dale Howard Auto Center, said he was thankful for the gift, but not surprised. In fact, he coyly hinted that Dale Howard Auto Center may do something similar in the near future.

Dave Jones Dale Howard

David Jones, owner of Jones Appliance, hands out restaurant gift cards to Steve and Tony Howard, to be used by the Dale Howard Auto Center employees.

“It’s something we’re just now starting to experience because we’re just now kind of getting the longer lasting effect," Howard said. "Our community is so generous. The business community really helps each other out. It’s neat to see stuff like that.”

Jones said the showroom at his appliance store is closed for the time being, but he's still open for business via appointment. He's also concerned about the supply chain with some appliance-producing factories shut down due to COVID-19 concerns our outbreaks. He said closing the sales floor was a matter of safety and practicality.

“It was a lot of cleaning to keep everything going," he said. "Four times a day to sanitize the store. It was a full-time job just walking around cleaning things.”

Denny Barrick, owner of Hardin County Tire, said he and his staff have been able to stay busy, in part because other repair shops are closed. He said for the most part his staff has been able to work as usual, albeit with precautions such as face masks and social distancing. Barrick added that he's thankful for the local business community and to Jones for the gesture.

“I think it’s great," Barrick said. "I’ve known Dave for a long time. It’s just the type of people they are. It’s a small town. That’s what I feel so great about. We’re blessed to be where we’re at.”

Jones said it's important that all businesses support each other during this trying time, especially local restaurants.

“Iowa Falls doesn’t need to lose any businesses, but we definitely don’t want to lose any more restaurants," he said.

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