Boys State Training School

Two students escaped from the State Training School for Boys in Eldora on Tuesday morning.

*UPDATE 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 14

The pair of students who escaped from the Iowa State Training School in Eldora Tuesday morning have been found and apprehended by authorities.

Eldora Police Chief Mike Ludwigs said one of the juveniles was found near R Avenue southwest of Eldora Tuesday evening. The other boy was caught by the Hardin County Sheriff's department Wednesday morning. He was found on Co. Hwy D47 west of the unincorporated town of Sherman.

Ludwigs said the Iowa State Training School has been contacted to discern if they want the boys returned immediately to school.


A pair of students who escaped from the Iowa State Training School in Eldora Tuesday morning are still at large as of Tuesday afternoon.

Eldora Police Chief Mike Ludwigs described the one of the boys as an African American wearing and orange shirt and jeans, and the other as an Asian American wearing a blue shirt and jeans. Ludwigs was not sure of the boys' exact age.

Ludwigs said the students escaped through a cornfield near the school. An EPD reserve officer retrieved the K9 officer from the Ackley Police Department before Ludwigs, and two reserve officers attempted to track the boys through the field.

"Apparently, they were already gone," Ludwigs said. "They're still gone as of now."

Police were alerted to the escape at 8:40 a.m. on Tuesday. It's unclear what time the students escaped.

Ludwigs said citizens should call 911 or 641-939-8189 if they see anyone matching the boys' description.

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