New Iowa Falls City Hall

Iowa Falls city employee Travis Schutt breaks down boxes in the central office of the new city hall on Thursday afternoon. Schutt was one of a number of city staff who moved the contents of the old city hall to the new building this week.

There’s a lot to love about Iowa Falls’ new city hall. The accessibility, the natural light, the abundant storage, the absence of ‘70s-era wood paneling. For city staff who spent Thursday moving filing cabinets, potted plants and decades of city records, it was the culmination of years of dreaming and planning.

The new building, located on the southwest corner of the River Street/Washington Avenue intersection, was still getting finishing touches on Thursday, even as city staff rolled dollies of boxes through the door, unpacked reams of paper and found just the right height for their new desks.

New Iowa Falls City Hall

Iowa Falls City Manager Jody Anderson's office in the new city hall was starting to fill up with boxes on Thursday, Nov. 5, as the move from the old building to the new began.

Iowa Falls City Hall

Iowa Falls Recreation Director Mark Schulz packs files from his office in the old city hall into a plastic tub to move them to the new city hall. City staff spent much of Thursday making the move from the old city hall on Stevens Street, four blocks to the new city hall on Washington Avenue.

New Iowa Falls City Hall

Iowa Falls city employees from across the departments chipped in to help with Thursday's move from the old city hall to the new building. They moved filing cabinets, chairs, potted plants and office supplies from one building to the other about four blocks away.

New Iowa Falls City Hall

The new Iowa Falls City Hall Council Chambers are ready for the first council meeting on Monday, Nov. 16.

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