None of the three Hardin County supervisors were willing to publicly acknowledge the lack of evidence supporting an allegation of election fraud made by State Sen. Annette Sweeney (R-Alden) last month.

Responding to a question from the public concerning Sweeney's claims that former county auditor Jessica Lara sent out pre-populated absentee ballot requests leading up to November's general election, Board Chairman BJ Hoffman said during Wednesday's board meeting that he would not comment on "hearsay."

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Let's keep the conversation where it needs to be: Annette Sweeney slandered an honorable former auditor. Sweeney accused Ms. Lara of a crime that the Secretary of State's office said DID NOT HAPPEN. That is pretty ugly. So BJ and the Board can stop trying to defend the indefensible. That wall has been breached.


It looks like supervisors just want the whole Sweeney accusation thing to go away. I hope they will look into this and do the right thing.

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