Political Sign Theft

Jason Heitland and his daughter Sage erect a campaign banner in Alden on Oct. 4. That banner was cut in half and eventually stolen.

Destiny Peters' neighbor gave her a Joe Biden sign last week. It was gone within 48 hours.

Peters' sign was one of many - supporting Democratic and Republican candidates - that have been stolen from Hardin County yards in recent weeks. According to law enforcement call logs, just seven signs have been reported stolen - including five in two days in Iowa Falls on Oct. 7 and 8. 

Political Sign Theft

Iowa Falls Police Chief Wade Harken confirmed that campaign signs promoting both Democrats and Republicans have been stolen in Iowa Falls.

Political Sign Theft

This Alden home had on Biden sign cut in half, then stolen, and its replacement was then also stolen, leaving just the sign posts in the yard.

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I had two Biden signs stolen out of my front yard in Eldora on two nights. I happened to see the second theft and reported it promptly. An Eldora police officer responded right away, managed to find my sign, and returned it promptly. Good work! Many thanks to the Eldora Police Department and to that particular responding officer. Well done!


Do those low life thieves really think that will change the way a person votes? Not me.


Twice, I've had Biden signs stolen from my yard in Eldora. They only took the Biden signs and left the others alone. I reported both thefts to the Eldora Police Department. It's extremely frustrating to know people are willing to trespass in my yard at night to steal my property and my First Amendment Rights. This isn't a harmless prank.

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