Fourteen days later, the subject was brought to the board table again during the public comment portion of Wednesday's meeting.

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I fail to see what good it would do for the County Board of Supervisors to say what has already been said repeatedly everywhere. Masks, social distancing, self monitoring isn’t a new concept. If people aren’t doing those things by now they’re not going to. California has some of the toughest mandates around and they also have some of the highest numbers.


California also, apparently, has a segment of population who aren't wearing masks or physical distancing, with little regard for the safety of others. That is the problem. They cause the spread. Willful ignorance causes sickness, death, and prolonged crisis.

Wearing a mask and physical distancing are the right things to do and if people aren't doing those things they should NOT be let off the hook for irresponsible behavior and blatant disregard for others. They should be held responsible.

Lack of leadership when it is needed most is not a pretty thing. One may be tired of hearing about covid-19, but that will not make it go away. Someone has to speak up, and I appreciate those willing do that just that.

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