Gayle Faris

Gayle Faris works side-by-side with sister Stacy Brinkmeyer at the Hubbard Care Center. The two work on care plans for residents there. Faris said there are several volunteers who make daily appearances at the facility, something she will do when and if she ever retires as a Registered Nurse.

Gayle Faris is never far removed from filling a volunteer role in her hometown. Just recently she helped raise money for the new Hubbard Medical Clinic. The Hubbard native has been more active in such endeavors in the past, but still gets involved when there’s a need.

Faris admits that she doesn’t have as much time to volunteer as she used to. One night recently, three of her four grandchildren were in an activity in three different places. She said she’s lucky to get that schedule worked out. To do that and volunteer the way she has in the past would be cheating both.

Gayle Faris

Gayle Faris has been working at the Hubbard Care Center basically since becoming a Registered Nurse over 20 years ago. She said her work and home schedules have taken away much of what she used to do in the community. She still finds a way to volunteer, and has plans in the future to do more than ever.

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