Everybody Needs A Hug

Georgette Dohlman has cleaned, repaired and made beautiful hundreds of stuffed animals over the years. Now she’s asking for the help refurbishing the toys for kids.

Georgette Dohlman, or Grandma George as she is lovingly known, has always had a kind and caring heart. As a nurse’s aide for 52 years, she often saw the need for simple comforts like a hug or a kind word. Now retired, she continues to provide those things through Everybody Needs A Hug – a program she came up with to make kids feel better through a teddy bear, in whatever situation they find themselves.

Dohlman is a 77-year-old grandmother and great-grandmother. Originally from Marshalltown, she and husband Keith farmed near Hampton. They moved to Geneva about eight years ago when she retired. Not by coincidence, that’s when Everybody Needs A Hug began.

Everybody Needs a Hug

Each gently-used stuffed animal that arrives at Dohlman’s house is first cleaned, then repaired with mending, new eyes and new ribbons. The final touch is a tag with the name of her program, “Everybody Needs a Hug.”

Everybody Needs a Hug

Georgette Dohlman started refurbishing stuffed animals to give to kids who go to Anderson Family Dentistry in Eldora for dental work. Now she’s branching out with a shipment of hundreds of bears to a special Montana ranch for children.

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