Paul Hackbarth

Paul Hackbarth has always loved making little videos. Now he makes them for the Iowa Falls Historical Society, bringing the past into the present and future.

Paul Hackbarth will admit that he’s not much of a photographer or videographer. Still, he and his Canon SX720 HS have managed to capture Iowa Falls in its full historical beauty.

Most of his work has come over the last couple years as a member of the Iowa Falls Historical Society (IFHS). His projects can be seen on the group’s YouTube channel “Voices of Iowa Falls” and on Facebook at “Iowa Falls Historical Society 2020".

Swinging Bridge

One of Paul Hackbarth's favorite pictures is the one he took of the Swinging Bridge. He has take dozens of photos and incorporated them into videos for the Iowa Falls Historical Society over the past almost two years.

Mills Tower

The Mills Tower is one of the many historical places in Iowa Falls that have been the subject of Paul Hackbarth's work.

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