The Iowa Falls School Board decided two weeks ago that it wants to pursue building a new elementary school next to the high school on the north side of town. But even with that big decision made, the work is really just beginning.

Iowa Falls-Alden High School Property

The Iowa Falls School District owns the parcels of property that are outlined in yellow on the aerial imagery above. Iowa Falls-Alden High School is the building on the northeast corner of the property.

On Sept. 30, board members met for a work session at which each said they favored a recommendation from a Facilities Study Committee to build a new elementary school building two replace the two current elementary buildings. On Monday, the board began discussing next steps in the process.

Pineview Elementary School

Pineview Elementary School, at 85 years old, is the oldest of the Iowa Falls school buildings. Replacement of its failing heating system is estimated to cost upwards of $200,000. But before that happens, school officials and a Facilities Committee of volunteers are exploring the district's options, including construction of a new elementary school.

Rock Run Gym Caucuses

The Rock Run Elementary School gym is used regularly by all kinds of groups. Above, it's pictured during the 2016 Republican caucuses, when hundreds of people packed the stands to participate in the political nominating contest. 

Iowa Falls School Board

Iowa Falls School Board President Todd Bicknese speaks during a special work session on Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020. The board met to discuss what it wants to do to address the district's building needs.

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