Dayden Neubauer

Iowa Falls-Alden High School freshman Dayden Neubauer uses fruit to play beats of music during the school's J-Term Showcase on Monday, Jan. 20. Neubauer was in the "Making Stuff" class during the seven-day J-Term. He used computer coding to create a watch, and to turn the banana and orange into a keyboard.

The Iowa Falls-Alden High School student center was a menagerie of creativity Monday afternoon. Videos, display boards, musical instruments and quilts told the story of this year’s J-Term, a seven-day outside-the-box class blitz earlier this month.

J-Term was implemented at the school in 2018. Then-principal Tony Neumann described it as “trying to teach kids how to learn something on their own.” For seven days, students take different kinds of classes that follow the principles of project-based learning. The students often lead the classes – coming up with ideas for things they’d like to learn, and pursuing them with guidance from staff.

Neveah Murphy

Iowa Falls-Alden High School senior Neveah Murphy plays the violin during her school's J-Term Showcase on Monday, Jan. 20. Murphy enrolled in a "Modern Band" class during the seven-day J-Term, and used the time to fulfill her dream of learning to play the violin.

Firefighter Training

Sophomore McCallaster Foley (left) helps sophomore Jackson Krukow adjust a firefighter's breathing mask during a J-Term Showcase event at Iowa Falls-Alden High School on Monday, Jan. 20. Foley took a firefighter training class during the seven-day J-Term earlier in the month. The Iowa Falls Fire Department is hopeful the class will recruit more junior firefighters, who could then join the department after they turn 18.

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