Mike Ingebritson

Mike Ingebritson - or “Ingy” as he’s known around Iowa Falls - is retiring after 51 years of work. He looks forward to spending his days doing what he loves with the people he loves.

Without a dime to his name, and an invite to a Clear Lake cabin, Mike Ingebritson needed a job.

“I went to one of my neighbors, Tex Turner, who sold paint products to farmers,” Ingebritson remembered. “He was looking for somebody to paint. I told him I needed a job, so we went out to a farmhouse and he sold some paint. The guy hired me. I told him I’d never painted before, but that I was a hard worker and I’d try hard. I literally graduated earlier in the day and went to work later that same day.”

Mike Ingebritson

Ingebritson will spend retirement with his grandchildren (including 4-year-old Nolan Allen).

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