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For Love of Music

Local musicians work long, late hours in pursuit of art

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Bands like Superquiet (pictured above playing at Wooly's in Des Moines) put in long hours of work for very little payoff. Still, musicians (from left) Mark Wohlert, Dalton Siler and Robert Strain find it hard to walk away. Being in a band, for them, isn't a job, it's a calling.

When Mike Emerson first picked up a guitar, he wanted to be a rock star. It wasn’t about the music as much as it was the image. Now, 30-some years later, it’s less about the image and more about music.

Tank Anthony came back to music after years away. His goal, at first, was just to play and sing again. Now he’s looking to make it big.

Aaron McClanahan

Aaron McClanahan didn't get into music to be famous. Instead, he said, he just wanted to play music and entertain people.

One Track Mind

Mike Emerson, of Iowa Falls, has been playing in bands for 30 years. Today, he’s in One Track Mind, which is pictured above and includes (from left) Ryan Rolph, Katie Brown, Emerson and Joe Schwenneker.


Superquiet's biggest show to date was an album release event at Wooly's in Des Moines. Above, bassist Mark Wohlert, of Iowa Falls, is pictured. His bandmates are Dalton Siler and Robert Strain.


Brian Herrin, of Iowa Falls, (second from left) has performed all over the world, for all different kinds and sizes of audiences. He's pictured above with his former band, Decoy, with whom he played for five years.

Tank Anthony

Tank Anthony found his way back to music after a career in the Marines. He's setting bigger goals after exceeding his own expectations.

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