Bill Pearce

Bill Pearce, president of AgPremier Inc., leans against a manure applicator inside Zoske Manufacturing in Iowa Falls. Pearce is launching a new manufacturing company on the east side of Iowa Falls. It will produce components that are needed for manure application, but which have been difficult to find in the last year.

Bill Pearce is familiar with the name Boyt. As an old east side Iowa Falls resident, he knows what the luggage manufacturer meant for the town. Now, as the president of AgPremier Inc. (which does business as Zoske Manufacturing), Pearce is attaching the name to a new manufacturing endeavor that will make agriculture machine parts.

“I wanted a short and simple name as a brand identifier, like the Zoske brand name brings to our manure handling line,” Pearce said “I literally woke up in the middle of the night and knew what the name was going to be – Boyt Products. Not only is Boyt a great brand name, but it also brings back some history to Iowa Falls.”

Icebox LLC

Bill Pearce recently bought the building at 311 Sherman St. In its previous lives it has been everything from a fruit distribution center, to a sporting goods manufacturer specializing in clay pigeons. For the last few decades, the building was used for storage. Now it will become a manufacturing facility.

Bill Pearce

Bill Pearce, president of AgPremier Inc., which does business as Zoske Manufacturing, speaks about the work being done by the Iowa Falls company inside the Zoske building. Now, Pearce is starting a new company, Boyt Products, to manufacture parts that can be used in AgPremier manure applicator equipment.

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I hope that the jobs created will pay at least $15 an hour. Perhaps in the future this company will expand to produce equipment used by farmers to grow industrial hemp. Industrial hemp has a very wide variety of uses, including a biodegradable replacement for petroleum-based, single-use plastics. Industrial hemp opportunities could be huge for economic development in Iowa.


The new jobs will be high end manufacturing skills such as quality welders, machinists, painters and so on. Expected wage range will be $18 - $30/hr. AgPremier works hard to be in the forefront of agricultural technology, especially substainable farming practices. We are now the 2nd year of a partnership with another manufacturer on the development of equipment to support the emerging cover crop practice. Another example is that we manufacture specialty rotary hoe bars for the organic farming industry. Historically most of this product has shipped to southern states, but we recently shipped one to Illinois. Getting closer to home!

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