Iowa Falls City Council John Gade

John Gade, of Fox Engineering, presents conceptual plans for a new housing development to the Iowa Falls City Council on July 20, 2020. The development would open up as many as 65 residential lots on 58 acres of city-owned property along River Road.

A plan presented Monday evening estimates it would cost the City of Iowa Falls just under $4 million to build and expand the infrastructure necessary to open up lots for new home construction on a 58-acre piece of property along River Road and other neighboring properties that are ripe for development.

Palisade Development Conceptual Drawing

A conceptual drawing of what's being called Palisade Estates was presented to the Iowa Falls City Council on July 20, 2020. The development would include up to 65 properties for new home construction on 58 acres of city-owned land along River Road. The areas shaded in red are proposed future residential development - 65 lots - in the subdivision. Green shaded areas are green space, and the blue area is land currently owned by Terry and Dave England.

The city paid $350,000 to buy the land earlier this year, with plans to subdivide it and sell the lots for new single family homes, growing the city and increasing the local tax base. Council members said they wanted to mimic a housing development project in Humboldt, which started with the purchase of land in 2013, and as of January this year had seen the construction of 30 homes in a 42-lot subdivision.

River Road Housing Development

The City of Iowa Falls purchased 58 acres of land along River Road in January. On April 20 the city council approved a task order that will begin the process of turning the land into a subdivision for single family homes. Council members have said they'd like to keep the barn that currently sits on the property.

River Road Development

The City of Iowa Falls bought 58 acres of land (outlined above in blue) in January 2020 for $350,000 with the plan to subdivide it into lots that can be sold for construction of new homes.

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