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New to this year's Democratic caucuses were preference cards, which had to be completed after the first and second candidate alignments.

The winner of the Hardin/Ellis/Jackson Democratic caucus precinct Monday night wasn’t determined by campaign promises, commercials or mailings. It was determined by dropping a quarter on the floor.

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Hardin Ellis Jackson Precinct Chair Keith Kuper drops the quarter that determined that Klobuchar's supporters would get four delegates and Warren's supporters would get three delegates. Sixty-two Democrats showed up to caucus at the ECC Ag and Renewable Energy Center on Monday, Feb. 3.

The precinct was one of several across the state that ran into the issue of a tie, and with a set number of delegates allowed from each precinct, the tie had to be broken. Katy Jensen, who was in the group of Sen. Amy Klobuchar supporters, provided the quarter, and Precinct Chair Keith Kuper dropped it to the floor. In the end, the Klobuchar camp won, ending the night with four delegates to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s three, even though each group had 19 supporters.

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Skylar Warmbier, 18, of Iowa Falls, shows her support for Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Iowa Falls Precinct No. 1 Monday night.

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Rural Iowa Falls resident Jennifer Johnson (left), a Pete Buttigieg campaign precinct captain, talks with Marian Kuper (right) the Hardin/Ellis/Jackson Democratic caucus secretary during the caucus on Monday, Feb. 3, 2020.

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