Andrew Ivis

Andrew Ivis

A float down the Iowa River last weekend turned violent, landing an Eldora man in jail.

Hardin County Deputy Jeff Brenneman filed eight criminal complaints Sunday and Monday, alleging 31-year-old Andrew Ivis injured and threatened several people Saturday afternoon and evening.

According to the criminal complaints, Ivis was floating down the Iowa River with a group of people near Wildcat Caves at 215th Street and UU Avenue between Steamboat Rock and Eldora, when he hit his girlfriend with his fist, causing a red mark on her cheek. Ivis then allegedly grabbed the woman from behind and held her head under the water, threatening to drown her and threatening to drown her entire family, including her two sons. A separate complaint accuses him of threatening to drown four other people who were with him on the water. He got into a yelling match with one of those people. Ivis swung at the man and held him under the water, threatening to drown him. The man wound up with abrasions on his elbow and knee.

The charges against Ivis include domestic abuse/assault impeding air flow (a class D felony); assault with intent to inflict serious injury (an aggravated misdemeanor); and six counts of first-degree harassment (aggravated misdemeanors).

A warrant was issued for Ivis’ arrest and he was taken into custody on Tuesday. He is being held in the Hardin County Jail. A judge set his bail at $50,000 because of the nature of the allegations, his criminal history “and reports of statements that Defendant made to law enforcement when arrested on these charges that constituted threats against the alleged victims.”

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