Iowa Falls City Council Chambers

The Iowa Falls City Council met Monday, Dec. 21 for its first regular monthly session in the council chambers at the new city hall. Staff moved into City Hall on Nov. 6, but a spike in COVID-19 cases forced the November meeting to move online.

Iowa Falls city officials fielded some questions - and some not-so-enthusiastic feedback - about their planned River Road utilities upgrade and Palisade housing development project when the city council met on Monday evening. The discussion ended when the council cut off a presentation by a local resident and promised to host a work session where the issues raised by River Road property owners can be addressed.

The city council's discussions about extending water and sewer services out River Road began in public meetings about two years ago. The city is in need of a new well, and one potential site was identified at Weaver's Cove. Getting water from the new well to the closest treatment plant about a mile east to the Elk Run water treatment plant would require installing new infrastructure. Engineers said an extension of water and sewer services could also open up two pieces of land along River Road for residential development.

Palisade Property

In January 2020, the City of Iowa Falls purchased 58 acres of property along River Road. The land is home to the barn pictured above (which the city has pledged to keep on the property and protect), but it could also someday be home to a new residential neighborhood.

Palisade Estates Housing Development Proposal

Fox Engineering has presented this proposal for a Palisade Estates housing development along River Road in Iowa Falls. The pink areas would be housing and the green areas - current timber and ravines - would be left as-is.

Iowa Falls City Council Rob Wohlert

Iowa Falls City Council members Rob Wohlert (left) and Bruce Thies listen as City Manager Jody Anderson (foreground) explains an issue during the council's Dec. 21, 2020 meeting.

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