Gaga Ball

Eston Vieth plays a game of gaga ball inside a gaga pit that was donated to Rock Run Elementary School last year. 

A dozen little hands touch the wall inside a wooden octagon. The ball bounces twice in the middle and chaos ensues as they slap the bouncing orb back-and-forth at each other, squealing and laughing the entire time.

None of that fun for those Rock Run Elementary students would be possible without the generosity of Fran Buckel and Thrivent Financial, who donated the gaga ball pit last fall. In return, the entire school has made November Appreciation Month to thank Buckel and everyone else who contributes to the school's wellbeing.

Rock Run Thanksgiving

Students at Rock Run Elementary donated 778 different food items to the school's food pantry this year. The school's Student Leadership Team is pictured with the donated items.

Rock Run Gaga Pit

Third graders at Rock Run Elementary school show their appreciation for the community while standing inside a gaga ball pit that was built and donated by Fran Buckel last fall. Pictured above (from left) are: Brynn Patton, Scout Nickelson, Ella Pieper, Emma Mason, Aubri Linn, Lilly Izer, Noah Super, Tucker Wygle and Hadley Schoby.

Thank you bags Rock Run

The Rev. Jeremy Nelson and his wife Kirstin Nelson dropped off goodie bags to thank teachers on Thursday, Nov. 19.

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