4L Ranch and Arena

When they Lymans bought Circle C Rodeo and turned it into 4L Ranch and Arena, they did so to create a place where kids could experience rodeos. In July, Alex Niesmeier (above) practiced his roping skills at a 4L youth event.

Rodeos have been a part of local summers for years. Following the death of Circle C Rodeo founder Merlin Clock in 2016, the rodeo events at his arena between Iowa Falls and Alden lasted one more summer. But then they were feared done.

The property, including the arena, were sold off as part of an auction in 2018. The new owners, Casey and Laura Lyman re-started the facility as a youth rodeo the following summer. Iowa Falls’ July 4th Riverbend Rally was mostly canceled amid COVID-19 this summer, but the rodeo went on at 4L Ranch and Arena. Laura said it was always the intent to bring at least the youth rodeo back.

4L Ranch and Arena

Cheyenne Lyman circles the 4L Arena before this past summer's youth rodeo. Rodeos were common place at the arena between Iowa Falls and Alden, but many thought they were finished following the death of Circle C Rodeo founder Merlin Clock. New owners Casey and Laura Lyman brought them back and are planning more.

4L Ranch Arena

Laura and Casey Lyman’s daughters got interested in rodeos by attending them. The family hopes to pass that on to other youth at 4L Ranch and Rodeo. They hosted an event there in July, where Coyle Dall (right) took a turn in the ring.

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