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A proposed carbon sequestration pipeline would span 30 Iowa counties. 

Details are still scarce regarding a proposed $4.5 billion carbon sequestration pipeline that would span 30 Iowa counties, including Hardin. 

It is the hope that those questions will be answered during a series of public meetings in all areas the project would impact, starting with a meeting in Steamboat Rock at Timbers Edge (19493 County Highway S56) beginning at noon on Sept. 13. 

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Jolene Teske

Is there a way we can ask questions if we cannot make it to the meeting on Monday?

Lisa Lawler

There is a meeting at 6 pm in Story City one night and a Zoom meeting scheduled for October. These meetings are just lip service. They'll pretend to listen and then do what they want anyway. BUT the landowners - that's who can really squash this. If they can band together and all say no to whatever $$ Rastetter throws at them - that would be the only way it won't go forward. Otherwise, Iowa is ripe for this project - Republicans are the majority where it matters.

Marian Kuper

It would appear Mr. Rastetter is poised to reap quite a few benefits at taxpayer expense, if this project goes forward, and it would also appear that the project is not nearly the environmental 'win' it purports to be, all things considered. See both https://www.bleedingheartland.com/2021/06/24/new-iowa-carbon-task-force-looks-like-greenwashing/ and https://grist.org/energy/a-midwest-pipeline-promises-to-return-carbon-dioxide-to-the-ground/

Scott Riggs

Matthew ~ This is more information than my family has been able to receive from any other source. We great appreciate this information and encourage to continue to cover this story.

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