Misora Enslein

Misora Enslein works in her upstairs apartment in downtown Iowa Falls. Enslein, a Washington D.C. native, has been living in Hardin County since July. She's employed as a field organizer for the Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign. Enslein said she finds inspiration in strong women like Warren and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, whose likeness appears on Enslein's water bottle as a sticker.

When Misora Enslein feels stressed, she turns to Elizabeth Warren.

The Massachusetts senator’s speeches – promoting her plans for the future of the United States if she’s elected president next year – calm Enslein. Some of those speeches even bring tears to her eyes. So it makes sense that Enslein has traveled halfway across the country to work on Warren’s behalf as a field organizer for her presidential campaign.

Misora Enslein

Misora Enslein, a Washington, D.C. native, moved to Iowa Falls this summer to work as a field organizer for the Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign. She’s spending her time here speaking with voters one-on-one and in small groups.

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