Jaden Bartlett

Jaden Bartlett didn't just vote for the first time on Tuesday, he also worked a shift at a precinct polling location. The Iowa Falls-Alden High School senior has been interested in politics since 2016, and is planning for a future career that could include a run for office.

Just after 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Bob Hackbarth walked into the Barlow Memorial Library, scanned his driver’s license and picked up a ballot. It was a first for the 46-year-old Iowa Falls man, and something he’s waited 20 years to do.

Hackbarth is one of thousands of Iowans who regained their right to vote when Gov. Kim Reynolds signed an executive order restoring the voting rights of felons who’ve completed their sentences. In the ’90s, at age 17, Hackbarth said he “got in trouble” and never got the chance to vote. Not that he really cared back then.

Jaden Bartlett

Jaden Bartlett was so excited to vote for the first time, he snapped a selfie of himself. Barlett turned 18 in September, making this the first election he was eligible to vote.

Liz Michaelson

Liz Michaelson met former South Bend, Ind. mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg during one of his campaign stops in Iowa ahead of the caucuses. This was Michaelson's first election, and she cast an absentee ballot from Pella, where she attends Central College.

Kenny Trittien and Marlys Jass

Kenny Trittien and Marlys Jass cast their ballots at the Barlow Library on Tuesday. While Jass has long been interested in following politics, it's a new interest for Trittien. He participated in his first election on Tuesday, at the age of 85.

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