Acting on input from several department heads, the Hardin County Board of Supervisors have repealed a resolution that required employees and visitors to wear face-coverings while inside county buildings.

The decision - made official with a 3-0 vote - was reached at Wednesday's board meeting and went into effect immediately.

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They do this on the same day an article in this newspaper states that new covid cases in this county are up. With a clear lack of rational leadership, I guess it can be expected. But the disconnect from reality is stunning.


Why would anybody repeal masking with 500000+ dead, new variants multiplying rapidly, and only 7% of the population vaccinated? This decision flies in the face of all science and CDC guidance. It is clearly meant for only one purpose: satisfy the most fanatical conservative voters. It is an utter shame that an issue has become politicized that should never have been politicized. It is even more shameful that people are going to have to suffer and die because of this.


At least there is ONE person in the county who adheres to CDC guidelines. Enter the courthouse at your own risk. Please ask yourself if this is the position of elected county officials, should they be in leadership positions at all? You'd think public safety would be a top priority.

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