Urban Animals

Five years ago, the Iowa Falls City Council considered an ordinance amendment that would have allowed chickens on some owner-occupied property in town. Avian influenza put an end to that. Now, amid the coronavirus pandemic, the issue is back before the council at the request of residents who are striving for more self sustainability. The chick pictured above was one of many being sold by Theisen's in Iowa Falls in April 2015.

Urban chickens were back on the Iowa Falls City Council's agenda Monday night - almost five years to the day after the council indefinitely tabled the issue amid an avian influenza outbreak. But now, with the coronavirus pandemic a part of everyday life, two local residents are seeking more self-sufficiency. And they want to do it by keeping chickens in town.

On Monday, local resident Alison Campbell presented a request to the council, asking its members to reconsider their 2015 decision.

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