Michael Willson

Michael David Willson

A Webster City contractor with a long history of not finishing projects landed in Hardin County Jail Wednesday after he was arrested on a valid warrant for theft.

According to court documents, 38-year-old Michael David Willson of Webster City was charged with third-degree theft, an aggravated misdemeanor, for allegedly taking $1,000 down payment for a painting job in Iowa Falls and never doing the work.

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Contractors in Iowa are to be registered with the State here is a link for Homeowners to check out a contractor to see if he is compliant. I did a search for this contractor and came up with no files associated with that name or location.


Also the story mentioned that this was a painting project. If the dwelling was built prior to 1978 the contractor needs to be a lead safe renovator. Homeowners are encouraged to make sure that they check out their potential contractor to see if they are compliant with the laws of Iowa. Here is a link to check the status of a contractor being lead safe renovator trained.


3/4 down the page you will see lead renovators section that will list all currently trained and certified contractors who are lead abatement or lead safe renovator training compliant in Iowa. These are valuable tools that Homeowners should use to make sure they are hiring a decent contractor. The third tool a homeowner can use is asking the contractor to provide a current insurance certificate they are very easy to obtain the contractor merely has to call their insurance provider and ask them to fax or email over a current insurance certificate. Having this information will allow the homeonwner a place to start when a project goes wrong and sustains damages due to improper work practices.

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