Wind Turbines

A Delaware-based energy company filed suit against the Hardin County Board of Supervisors last Friday alleging changes to the county's wind energy ordinance puts its more than $2 million investment in jeopardy.

According to a petition filed in Hardin County District Court, RWE Renewables accuses the Hardin County Board of Supervisors of "arbitrarily, improperly and unfairly changing the rules in the middle of the project."

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RWE's claims are, at best, dubious. $2 million already spent? On what? To my knowledge no windmills have been built. It's their choice how they spend their money but RWE should not have assumed Hardin County would just roll over. Some of us do not enjoy the noise, blinking lights, and destruction of the drainage tile. The previous ordinance offered virtually no restrictions at all; no wonder RWE wishes to operate under it.

RWE continues to falsely assert the economic "benefits" of this project. Truth is only RWE and a few large landowners really benefit. The electricity gets shipped out of state. Tax benefits? It's going to cost money repairing the tile destroyed during construction as well as other damage to the infrastructure. That also does not include the unknown long-term health effects from living next to these machines. New jobs? The construction crews will come in from out-of-state and be housed in a larger city like Ames. The 10 new jobs they claim will be created? Jobs doing what? For less than 100 windmills, what are 10 new jobs going to be doing? Maybe these jobs are at RWE headquarters, but they will not be in Hardin County.

I hope the Hardin County supervisors stick to their guns and not back down. With this lawsuit, RWE has proved itself a bully and this bully shouldn't be allowed to win.


Too bad hardin County wont win this fight. Its not like this project was a secret. Not to mention hardin County screwed up by naming rwe specifically in their decision to change the regulations. In other words they went out of their way to hinder a project that had been going on for years because they dont favor the idea. Whos the bully? The poeple who are defending their investment after 3 years, or the people who have had ample opporunity to change things around here but instead waited years to take action specifically to hinder someone else's business. We have had windmills going up here for nearly 2 decades now, its hardly rwe's fault hardin County chooses not to keep up.


The bully is a large foreign company that wants to pick and choose the set of rules they wish to follow. Hardin County has every right to set regulations whenever it wants. It does not matter if the supervisors name RWE as one reason why the rules are being changed; RWE had a fair chance to voice its objections and it lost-- and it will lose this court case too. No Hardin County judge is going to rule against the people of Hardin County over a large foreign company. RWE should have anticipated the adverse reaction it would receive and should not have (allegedly) spent $2 million. No company should reasonably expect or rely on regulations staying the same forever. Under this sort of logic, harmful chemicals could not be banned because the chemical manufacturers had an "investment" they wished to protect and claimed they made the investment when it was ok to produce the harmful chemical. Investments do cancel out the will of the people of Hardin County as evidenced by the unanimous vote of their elected representatives.

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