The only disappointing aspect of the Iowa Valley Community College District board’s vote last week to name the new Ellsworth Community College residence hall after Duane and Phyllis Lloyd is that the couple – two of the Iowa Falls school’s most ardent supporters – didn’t live long enough to … Read more


My brother Mickey was a precocious little boy. By the age of two he could sing “You Are My Sunshine,” make up his own jokes (“Shut the door so Daddy can’t come in.” “What did you say?” “Shut the door so the flies can’t come in.”) and recognize street signs in South Minneapolis. In fact, he w… Read more


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A native Iowan, Sara Konrad Baranowski has been editor of the Times Citizen since 2007. She’s a wife, mom to twins and news junkie who appreciates a good waffle as much as a good story. Follow her on Twitter @skonradb.

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Assistant editor and sports editor at the Times Citizen. He grew up on a farm in Alden and has worked at the Times Citizen since 2002. Opinions are his own. Follow him on Twitter @Twinkieites.

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Tony Baranowski is Director of Local Media for Times Citizen Communications. He believes smaller is better when it comes to media, but bigger when it comes to beer. He’s a connoisseur of both. Dad to twins, fan to Cubs. Follow him on Twitter @tonyapb3.

My wife and I are not the kind of people who have lamented our kids growing up. The truth is, Sara and I were on the fence about having kids at all until about a decade ago it kind of smacked us upside the head- if we were going to have the ‘full human experience,’ parenthood should be a par… Read more

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Born and raised in Michigan, graduate of the University of Iowa. She’s a reporter (mostly sports, with some news and features thrown in) for the Times Citizen. Follow her on Twitter @mvanwingen.