Normalcy Bias: “a cognitive bias which leads people to disbelieve or minimize threat warnings.” I just read this and immediately my thoughts were on our current situation in the world. Our nation has a “number of people that underestimate the likelihood of a disaster, when it might affect th… Read more

When KIFG Radio in Iowa Falls went on the air back in 1962 a fellow by the name of H.A. “Skeet” Preston was brought in as station manager. Skeet was a showbusiness type of promoter from the get-go. He had radio broadcasting experience and as a promoter was manager of his wife Ada’s vaudevill… Read more


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A native Iowan, Sara Konrad Baranowski has been editor of the Times Citizen since 2007. She’s a wife, mom to twins and news junkie who appreciates a good waffle as much as a good story. Follow her on Twitter @skonradb.

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Assistant editor and sports editor at the Times Citizen. He grew up on a farm in Alden and has worked at the Times Citizen since 2002. Opinions are his own. Follow him on Twitter @Twinkieites.

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Tony Baranowski is Director of Local Media for Times Citizen Communications. He believes smaller is better when it comes to media, but bigger when it comes to beer. He’s a connoisseur of both. Dad to twins, fan to Cubs. Follow him on Twitter @tonyapb3.

My wife and I are not the kind of people who have lamented our kids growing up. The truth is, Sara and I were on the fence about having kids at all until about a decade ago it kind of smacked us upside the head- if we were going to have the ‘full human experience,’ parenthood should be a par… Read more

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Born and raised in Michigan, graduate of the University of Iowa. She’s a reporter (mostly sports, with some news and features thrown in) for the Times Citizen. Follow her on Twitter @mvanwingen.

With no sports to cover in recent months and empty pages, the sports staff has been racking our brains with ideas for content. I saw on social media other writers posting their sports inspirations. We thought it would be cool to ask our area coaches to answer a few questions about their spor… Read more