Building a house, or any inhabitable structure, unless it is a dog house, falls under one or more regulations within the uniform building code. Sound structure and safety are among the primary drivers for instituting the code. Federal, state and local codes may seem like a burden at first bu… Read more

I watched my grandkids for just for one night last week, and it happened to be when that show “The Little Mermaid Live” was on TV. The kids arrived at about 5:30 p.m. and we ate dinner, got in our PJs, watched the show, and went to bed. The next morning it was breakfast, baths and off to daycare. Read more


A native Iowan, Sara Konrad Baranowski has been editor of the Times Citizen since 2007. She’s a wife, mom to twins and news junkie who appreciates a good waffle as much as a good story. Follow her on Twitter @skonradb.

A wise friend of mine believes we’re wrong to talk about work/life balance. Balance, she argues, implies that there are two sides and that they can be separate and equal. But most of us know that’s not possible. Inevitably, if I’m giving parenting my best effort, I feel like I’m slacking at … Read more

Assistant editor and sports editor at the Times Citizen. He grew up on a farm in Alden and has worked at the Times Citizen since 2002. Opinions are his own. Follow him on Twitter @Twinkieites.

Tony Baranowski is Director of Local Media for Times Citizen Communications. He believes smaller is better when it comes to media, but bigger when it comes to beer. He’s a connoisseur of both. Dad to twins, fan to Cubs. Follow him on Twitter @tonyapb3.

Born and raised in Michigan, graduate of the University of Iowa. She’s a reporter (mostly sports, with some news and features thrown in) for the Times Citizen. Follow her on Twitter @mvanwingen.