Assistant editor and sports editor at the Times Citizen. He grew up on a farm in Alden and has worked at the Times Citizen since 2002. Opinions are his own. Follow him on Twitter @Twinkieites.


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Mount Vernon's body language cried out for mercy, and the Mustangs finally received it when Jenny Wibholm's kill touched the floor, ending Monday's 3A Regional Final. Read more

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Marcos Vila has scored over 50 goals during his only high school season, while produced plenty of eye-popping numbers that have made those outside of Hardin County take notice of the Iowa Falls-Alden boys soccer program. Read more

Born and raised in Michigan, graduate of the University of Iowa. She’s a reporter (mostly sports, with some news and features thrown in) for the Times Citizen. Follow her on Twitter @mvanwingen.


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When did it become regular practice for parents to complain to coaches (or teachers) and take matters into their own hands? Read more


A native Iowan, Sara Konrad Baranowski has been editor of the Times Citizen since 2007. She’s a wife, mom to twins and news junkie who appreciates a good waffle as much as a good story. Follow her on Twitter @skonradb.

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Some of my earliest memories are of my hometown library. Sorting through the plastic bags that held books on tape. Competing in the summer reading challenge. Sitting in the 1980s-modern chairs to leaf through a book and decide whether it was worth taking home. Read more

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When you list them out, there are quite a few dangerous professions. Police, fire and ambulance professionals put themselves in harm’s way all the time. Cab drivers and convenience store employees are often targeted. And teachers have spent years practicing drills to fend off intruders. Afte… Read more


Tony Baranowski is Director of Local Media for Times Citizen Communications. He believes smaller is better when it comes to media, but bigger when it comes to beer. He’s a connoisseur of both. Dad to twins, fan to Cubs. Follow him on Twitter @tonyapb3.

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I admit it - I was a little leery of jumping into the Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) program at Pineview Elementary in Iowa Falls. After joining my kindergartner twins for lunch and recess on their birthday, I wasn’t sure I could survive an entire day in the eye of that storm. Read more

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I’ve never been to a game the Chicago Cubs lost. I think I’m up to six or seven now, every one of them with some circumstance that made it a notable, if not remarkable, win. Home runs. Extra innings. Near no-nos. Read more

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Today another police shooting of an unarmed man is in the news. For the sake of this blog post and all of our sanity, let us dispense with the majority of the controversy that surrounds the seemingly increased frequency of these events. Read more