This week the Times Citizen — in collaboration with 11 other media organizations across seven states — published “Seeking a Cure: The quest to save rural hospitals,” a project that explores the pressures that are squeezing rural health care, and how some hospitals and clinics have reacted.

The issue of rural health care isn’t new to Times Citizen readers. We’ve been covering the issue for years — in stories about Hansen Family Hospital Board meetings, features on new services, and editorials that call attention to issues that are important to the people who live here. But with this special report, the Hardin County story is being shared alongside stories from elsewhere here in Iowa and throughout the Midwest. Together, these voices are louder, and that can draw more attention.

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I understand the message being written about in this article. By using the resources in your community, you are supporting your community. I shop locally when I can. I utilize businesses when possible. The one thing I have learned over the years is to take control of my life and that includes utilizing the medical facilities in Hardin county until 18 months ago. Wrong diagnoses, medication prescribed before a diagnosis, overriding another doctor's prescription without consultation with the second doctor, and not listening to the patient, drove me to seek medical help outside the community. When your local hospitals and doctors fail you, I had no choice but to look elsewhere. I did what was in my best interest to stay healthy. Do I like driving 90 minutes to see a doctor or visit urgent care? No, but I will in order to see someone who listens, gives me options, and lets me control my treatment and what aligns with what I believe is the best treatment for me. My body, my choice, and I'm not a $ sign, but a person and should be treated as such. Remember, everyone can and will be replaced if you do your job poorly. I will travel to seek out the person who can offer the best medical advice and just doesn't look at me as a drive thru item to put a dollar in your pocket, say a few words, throw you a pill, and next person.

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