The battle is not against Twitter or Parler or Facebook, or President Trump. It’s certainly not against each other or the government as a whole. The battle is against misinformation and purveyors of it. This is the rallying cry a nation of many widely varying opinions can and must rally around in the coming weeks, months and years.

We don’t dive into national news very often at the Times Citizen or express opinions on it here on our editorial page. But our country was rocked by an earthquake last week, the tremors of which will be felt for decades. It was the most outrageous and terrifying display we’ve borne witness to in a generation. And it was outrageous; a callous strike at not just a symbol of our democracy, but at democracy itself. There were many people with individual motives, but at the heart of what happened in Washington D.C. last week was an effort to overturn a fairly contested and decided presidential election. It was a terrifying day and it was based on a false premise.

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