Linda Halfpop

Why is it you can wake up one morning feeling like you’re 20 years old again only to wake up the next day and feel like you’ve aged 70 years? Maybe because your false sense of being 20 again spurred you on to try and achieve lofty things like yard work! Yes, it happened to hubby and I this past weekend. We strode outside armed with rakes and shovels, fertilizer and topsoil, gloves and matches. Hubby burned away the last of the fall leaves and I weeded and raked out the front garden so my beautiful bulbs could enjoy the view of the sunny day. Then he spread the fertilizer carrying the heavy bags to the back garden.

We blame this sudden burst of energy on the sun and balmy temperatures that made our spirit feel renewed and young again, that false sense of regeneration, albeit it was only in our minds. Blame it on those beautiful days that finally had those spring bulbs show off and make us want to show off also. Blame it on the iron tablets I started taking, or the Bio-Freeze I put on my back last night. Anyway, we were psyched and ready to accomplish things. 

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