Linda Halfpop

Lately, the season that brings me so much joy has opened my eyes a little bit more than past Christmases and other Thanksgivings. My eyes are seeing pain and sadness in good friends and co-workers and I have developed a keener eye for the signs and the faces that seem to just try to make it through all the decorations and the laughter of others. 

I don’t want to feel guilty for being so happy at this time of year, but I also do not want to disregard the pain I see in my friends’ eyes, or the ache in their hearts as they live through another holiday that brings them suffering instead of the joy others are experiencing. I watch them, they don’t know I am watching, I tell them how much they mean to me, how talented they are and how others love to be with them . . . it’s the truth, but they forget their value because they are under a dark cloud during this time. 

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