Linda Halfpop

When I was a little girl my Thanksgiving was probably very different from yours. Our table was set with pasta always, as the first course. We ate our salad last. After the pasta came the roast beef with vegetables. In later years it was the turkey, but I remember the roast beef when I was still very young. Mom always made roasted chestnuts in the oven, I used to watch in amazement as she cut a slit in the top of each chestnut before putting them on the cookie sheet. “Why do you do that mommy” I would ask. “Because they would explode if I didn’t”. Thank God I remembered that conversation when I was an adult, or there would have been chestnut meat all over my kitchen.

Mom always made the stuffing with Italian sausage added to the crusty bread cut up and the celery,  onion, and mushrooms. To this day I adore the taste of poultry seasoning, I think its the memory it brings back.

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