Chuck Humeston

I was going to stay away from this subject. I try to tell myself I don’t do it anymore, and I don’t care. But, I guess when you put on a badge, and take an oath, you can take it off visibly, but, inside, it’s always part of you.

Once in a while, I still talk to someone who asks me, “Say, my son/daughter is considering going into police work. What would you suggest?” Lately my response is usually, “A psychiatrist.” If you believe what you see on TV, or what you read in print, it seems to not be a popular profession. Do I believe that? I’d like not to believe it. It’s easy in any profession to paint all with a broad brush. To a point it even becomes hip with some because these are the types who have to be told what to believe. These days I don’t know what to believe.

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