With messages like “We’re All In This Together,” the COVID-19 pandemic seemed like it was going to be a unifying force for Americans during an election year that was shaping up to be our most divisive yet. But what started as a singular mission – to slow the spread of coronavirus – has become yet another point of contention that divides us.

We weren’t blind to the early political divisions. Democratic leaders accused President Donald Trump of being too slow to react, while Republicans said Democrats were blowing the issue out of proportion. Soon, though, the two sides seemed to come together. COVID-19 was dangerous, and only through working together could we fight it and protect our family, our neighbors and our fellow humans.

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How can people accept this death toll with the reports of hospitals being PAID for reported Covid-19 cases and family members of the deceased complaining about their loved ones dying from one disease or a car wreck only to have the death listed as Covid-19! Then there's the insurance companies that have a pandemic clause in their life insurance policies! And how is it that the normal top causes of death have quit claiming lives? I can understand the highway death toll being lower, hardly anyone is driving much. I can understand medical mistakes being down, no one is going to the hospitals for procedures, the only medical mistakes right now is attributing a cancer deaths and such to caused by Covid-19!

Our media has been caught up in so many blatant lies, how can we believe what they say any more? There is a reason many of the larger papers have gone to listing political opinion pieces by the author instead of listing a being reported by! The tv news,at least the big ones have had to post so many retractions it isn't even funny, even they are looked at as nothing more than political commentators! Up until 2009, the US was well on it's way to some resemblance to racial harmony until a spike was driven between the races once more and there is not much that has happened to fix that as some in Congress thrive upon the continued racial division! It got so bad it spurred such movements as Blexit and #Walkaway!

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