Laura Kennedy

Laura Kennedy

I’ve acquired another free book from the little bookshelf outside our local library. Entitled “The First Ladies Cook Book,” it’s a collection of favorite recipes from all the presidents of the United States and their wives. What fun! I thought, glomming onto it. All these wonderful new recipes and a little history, too! I could hardly wait to tote it home.

Settling down in my peach leather armchair, I opened the colorful cookbook, starting with president number one, George Washington. Perusing the recipes for beefsteak and kidney pie, trifle, custard and chess cake, I skipped on to John Adams, president number two. Discovering recipes for baked salmon, oyster rolls and pompetone (baked veal in a pie shell), I said “Oh, not” and moved on. Now up to our third president, Thomas Jefferson and his wife, Martha, my eyes landed on boeuf a la mode. Perfect! I thought. How can I go wrong with a pot roast?

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