To the Editor:

Mexican Immigrants are a necessary part of America. Immigration in the past has stayed steady and has not grown since 2007. Under the Trump administration immigration from Mexico was cut by 49 percent. The average growth of our labor force will be reduced by 59 percent because of a slowdown in immigration. According to a November 2020 report by the Migration Policy Institute, this will hurt our economy in the United States. Mexicans have jobs, pay taxes, and start businesses. Mexicans also pay into Social Security and most are unable to collect these benefits. According to a study in 2018 Mexicans claim 27 percent less public benefits than Americans. Mexicans commit less crime and are incarcerated less than Americans. We as a country need to look at how we treat Mexicans. America is supposed to be a “melting pot” of people and cultures. Hopefully, under a new administration, we will see immigration turned back into what it was intended to be. If we are not encouraging immigration from Mexico we are going against the founding principle of our country. We need to teach the next generation to be better. Don’t embrace the hate and fear. Show others that their humanity is more than just the color of their skin. Be better. Do better.

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