To the Editor:

I say angels are among us because we were sent some. Due to reasons I can’t say publicly, we lost a part of or retirement savings when we attempted to have our house painted. I posted that we were looking for someone to paint and what they could paint for the money we had left. Matt Pies stood up and said “Why are you all willing to take the last of their money, we should volunteer to come over and help them paint. The next thing I know he is writing to me and telling me that he has gathered a group of people to come out and help us. The next day someone knocks on my door and it is German Painting from Eldora. He is one of the volunteers. He walked around the house with me and asked what I wanted done and explained to me that not only are they going to paint it but they will be taking all the chipping paint off. They will be spraying the main part of the house and then the first weekend of August a group of volunteers will be coming to paint the trim. My husband and I had $6,000 saved for retirement. We used the entire amount to fix the house (as we have the ugliest house on the block), so losing part of that money and the thought of still not getting the house painted weighed heavy on us for weeks. Matt Pies is an angel sent to us and he sent other angels. I can never say thank you enough to these people. I cried all day because I was filled with hope and joy and I just knew that these people are angels. So much bad in this world and this proves that there are still good people.

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