To the Editor:

Ms. Duhn blew through a lot of topics really fast (Letter to the Editor, “Think about the children,” Sept. 8, 2021), most of which have nothing to do with the Constitution Day event planned for later this month. From what I can gather from her fact-devoid fearmongering is that she doesn’t like it, which is unfortunate since an event like this should accentuate common ground instead of division. If she had waited just a few more days, she could have seen the article written about the event. Unless I missed something, there’s nothing planned for this event that will corrupt our children or calls for a wild west gun-slinger’s battle on the courthouse lawn. Is Ms. Duhn aware that everywhere she goes, here in Hardin County or most anywhere, she unknowingly encounters law-abiding, concealed-carry citizens? (Almost 86,000 permits were issued in Iowa in 2020.) If celebrating this nation’s Constitution is so abhorrent, I suggest Ms. Duhn make alternate plans for that day. 

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