To the Editor:

Why does Gov. Reynolds have to be so bull-headed? COVID cases are going up and will never go away until everyone takes it serious. She says Iowans will do the right thing, really. What world does she live in? Look at ones that speed on highways, don’t wear seat belts, drink and drive and text while driving. The children are paying the price while she thinks she is doing the right thing. Adults that aren’t getting the vaccine don’t care either, so when they get COVID, send them to the statehouse and let her deal with them. Our doctors and nurses shouldn’t have to deal with people that don’t give a damn. Other people with medical problems aren’t getting the care they need. Oh, poor me or poor you that we have to wear a face mask to protect others, a small thing to do that will bring an end to this pandemic. Plus having everyone getting vaccinated. The federal government shouldn’t give any more money to states that aren’t doing all they can to bring an end to this pandemic. Just how many lives do we have to lose?

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