To the Editor:

Another headline saying Hardin County COVID cases climb, and once again there is no perspective offered. A positive COVID case does not mean certain hospitalization or death. How sick are these positive cases? Are they vaccinated or unvaccinated? Which variant do they have? As far as I can tell, there’s only been one time that we have been allowed to know the percentage of positive cases that were vaccinated in Hardin County. Why do you suppose that is? Maybe it’s because like in many other places the vaccinated are making up a large percentage of positive cases. We know that vaccinated individuals are not only coming up positive for COVID but they’re spreading it too. It seems to me that instead of keeping all of this data a secret, we should be privy to ALL the facts. Hearing that the vaccinated are getting and spreading the virus doesn’t necessarily mean it would discourage the unvaccinated from getting the vaccine. Instead it could cause the vaccinated to realize that this vaccine is not the Teflon shield they’ve been told it would be, and that they still need to be careful and smart.

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