To the Editor:

Iowa Falls has a lot of elderly people living here and are on a fixed income that can’t stand all the increases coming our way. Natural gas and electric rates are going to be increased. We don’t need our property taxes going up too. I say the college and city need to make wiser decisions when spending money (other people’s). I say vote NO to the bond referendum on April 2. When people want money they talk about using it for this or that, but where is it really spent? College let the swimming pool go by not taking care of it. Just like your house, you repair as soon as it needs, not let years go by when it is really costly. Young people aren’t moving here, no more OB at hospital and very few day cares. Also no jobs that pay a living wage. Both parents work now and can’t make it. Look at buddy packs that go home from schools to feed hungry children. So are the elderly left to pay the bills. Enough is enough.

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